VerizonDSL woes

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun May 4 06:32:32 PDT 2003

Java Weenie wrote:
[ ... ]
> I am running 4.7 - RELEASE-p5 and I am having trouble getting DSL 
> working with Verizon in the Seattle area.
[ ... ]
> Another oddity is setting the nic to dhcp in rc.conf did not acquire an 
> ip, for some reason I need to manually fire dhclient.

I was sifting through some unread list traffic; I apologize if this 
response is dated.  Anyway, your last comment prompted a thought that 
perhaps Verizon's DHCP servers are expecting your machine to request a 
hostname before they'll give you a lease.

Try adding a "send host-name" & "send dhcp-client-identifier" in your 


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