Shantanu Mahajan freebsd at dhumketu.cjb.net
Sun May 4 05:14:06 PDT 2003

+++ Teilhard Knight [freebsd] [03-05-03 16:45 -0500]:
| Hi. I am a very newbie to FreeBSD, and UNIX in general. I hope you do
| not mind me asking very simple questions. I suppose, that due to the
| three I have now, I can deal with them in a single post.
| First. How can I use my Ethernet card to configure an asdl connection? I
| have spent a good deal of time in KDE looking for some way and I simply
| do not find it.

	if you have install docs,
| Second, my computer has a burner and a DVD, and the installation program
| spotted both all right, and I can mount them all right and everything is
| fine there. Problem is, the floppy is missing, nowhere to be found.

	run the follwoing command as root

	mkdir /mnt/floppy
	mount -t <fstype> /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

	<fstype> = msdos	for fat

| And thirdly, can I use Linux packages in FreeBSD, and how do I install
| them?
	yes you can install Linux packages in FreeBSD. read
	the follwing file
| I have no sound, but that seems to me a more elaborate question I will
| deal with separately.

| Thanks to all those who can give a hand.
| Teilhard Knight
| The Extraterrestrial

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