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> Dear Sir/Madam,
> Will freebsd work with a Macintosh?


NetBSD will work on many m68k Mac's. It should also work on any PCI Power
Mac or later(PPC 603 or 604 required, so if you have an early 7500, you'll
need a new CPU card) . OS X is also a BSD, and will run on any G3 or G4 Mac
other than the original Powerbook G3 (250MHz 12.1" Screen), and most PCI
Power Mac's with CPU-Slot CPU's, given enough Ram and a G3 or G4 upgrade
card (via XPostoFacto). NuBus based PowerMacs and early PPC Performa's only
run mkLinux. The Performa's (Any before the 6360 other than the 61xx's)
Should be avoided as their design is crippled and quite buggy.


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