vim isn't working as expected

Viktor Lazlo viktorlazlo at
Sat May 3 18:41:43 PDT 2003

On Sat, 3 May 2003, William O'Higgins wrote:

> I am a new user of FreeBSD migrating from Red Hat Linux.  There are a
> few differences that I am having trouble with.
> vi - my editor of choice, and it doesn't work in the ways I expect it
> to.  I am used to vi being aliased to vim (which I have done in FreeBSD)
> and having syntax highlighting, arrow keys, and a tell-tale line at the
> bottom of the xterm to remind me which mode I'm in, which line and
> position, and how much file I'm looking at.  All these things are gone in
> FreeBSD.  Could someone tell me what I'm missing?  Thanks.

FreeBSD defaults to nvi; if you prefer vim you can install it from ports
or packages and alias it as in linux.



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