Cyrus-SASL + sendmail 8.12.9 + "group writable file"

Hajimu UMEMOTO ume at
Sat May 3 09:50:58 PDT 2003


>>>>> On Sat, 3 May 2003 11:17:14 -0500
>>>>> "Scot W. Hetzel" <hetzels at> said:

hetzels> So far I could only duplicate this problem when using PINE (mail/pine4) to
hetzels> send the e-mail.  I was unable to get the problem to occur with the mail or
hetzels> sendmail commands.

How does PINE send email?

hetzels>  I also tried telneting to ports 25 & 587 to send a test
hetzels> message and the problem didn't occur either (I didn't use the AUTH mech
hetzels> command, as I wasn't sure how to enter the user name & password for the
hetzels> PLAIN or LOGIN mechs).

I believe that when you do telneting to ports 25 & 587, the sendmail
which respond are not using but using

> Though I'm using SASL2 and not tested SASL1, I cannot see such
> problem.  I think that MSP doesn't see sasldb2? unless you do enable
> SMTP AUTH in, and you don't need to have such configuration
> by MSP.
hetzels> No changes were made to the [freebsd.,] files as installed from the
hetzels> FreeBSD sources.


hetzels> The feature/msp.m4 file by default defines confRUN_AS_USER to the smmsp
hetzels> user, we needed to add the group 'mail' so that we wouldn't get a permission
hetzels> error on the sasldb file, since this file is set cyrus:mail and perms 640.
hetzels> This is the only reason for specifing group mail.

I see.  But, as the comment line above the confRUN_AS_USER says, it
affects only when sendmail is invoked from root.  So, I still cannot
understand what changing confRUN_AS_USER means.


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