syslog problems, need help

Antoine Jacoutot ajacoutot at
Sat May 3 08:08:25 PDT 2003

On Saturday 03 May 2003 17:00, Eduardo Viruena Silva wrote:
> I think you have to use "-d" flag when calling dhcpd

No, I don't think so.
Here is what the man page sais about it:

To have dhcpd log to the standard  error  descriptor,  specify  the  -d
       flag.  This can be useful for debugging, and also at sites where a com-
       plete log of all dhcp activity must be kept but syslogd is not reliable
       or  otherwise  cannot  be  used.    Normally, dhcpd will log all output
       using the syslog(3) function with the log facility set to LOG_DAEMON.

So, obviously, it is for debugging when you don't use syslogd.
But thanks anyway.


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