How do i redirect tty output?

Neeraj Arora Neeraj.Arora at
Sat May 3 04:01:21 PDT 2003

use nohup

and tail to regularly see updates/changes to/in the output, if you want to...


>>> "Mack Lobell" <macklobell at> 05/03/03 05:16pm >>>

i want ro run the command "portupgrade -aF" in the background, but i always 
end up in suspended state. I have tried different redirect operators but no 
luck. Currently i'm using tcsh.

prompt# portupgrade -aF >& /dev/null &
[1] 713
[1]  +   713 Running                       portupgrade -aF >& /dev/null
[1]  +   713 Suspended (tty output)        portupgrade -aF >& /dev/null


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