time settings in apache

Marcello Azambuja mazambuja at superig.com.br
Fri May 2 14:58:54 PDT 2003

What timezone is your FreeBSD using? Most likely its using GMT timezone.
If its using GMT timezone and you set the clock to local time its wrong.
Check what timezone you're using using the date command:

$ date
Fri May  2 21:56:26 GMT 2003

If you see something like this you're using GMT, you can change it 
copying whatever is your timezone from /usr/share/zoneinfo to 

Notice that when overwritting /etc/localtime your systems' time is 
probably gonna change too.

You can also change set up timezone stuff using /stand/sysinstall utility.


Marcello Azambuja

Clayton Parker wrote:
> hello all,
> i've been using cricket for a short time now.  when it graphs my data 
> the last updated time is in GMT.  i think i've found the problem but i 
> don't know how to fix it.  When i look at my server-status it has the 
> time in GMT.  how do you change the time apache thinks it is?  my 
> machine is set to the right time but apache thinks it's GMT. any ideas?
> thanks,
> Clayton

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