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Fri May 2 13:49:38 PDT 2003

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>At 01:37 PM 5.2.2003 -0700, Jim Pazarena wrote:
>>Is there any advantage to installing apache+mod_ssl from the ports?
>>Can I simply use the packages installation and select
>> apache+mod_ssl 1.3.27 + 2.8.12
>>and then select
>> mod_php4          ??
>>is there any documentation describing how to do this reliably &
effectively ?
>>Jim Pazarena  Box 550                 mailto:paz at qcislands.net
>Jim: Yes, do it in that order and should work just fine....

Jim: Sorry, I read this too fast. Dunno about picking and chosing from
packages rather than ports because of the dependancies....

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