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ODHIAMBO Washington wash at
Fri May 2 08:09:45 PDT 2003

* gropep_it at <gropep_it at> [20030502 17:45]: wrote:
> So had a working system, you upgrded it and it was still working, then 
> you put the drive in and then it all stopped working?

It does NOT stop working. Only sysinstall is misbehaving.

> It couldn't detect any discs?

It detects both disks correctly. I can access the disks even from Windows.
This box dual boots. /var/run/dmesg.boot shows both disks.

> Is the bios picking up the new disk. Has it been configured properly as 
> a master / slave etc? What happens when you take out the new disk?

This is not the problem. Disk setup is okay ;)


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