using tcsh with 8bit characters

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Fri May 2 07:01:14 PDT 2003

On 2003-05-02 02:23, Eduardo Viruena Silva <mrspock at> wrote:
>> On 2003-05-01 16:48, JacobRhoden <jrhoden at> wrote:
>>> When you convert your keyboard layout to a different language, many
>>> programs seem to accept special characters, but at the commandline
>>> (tcsh) they never work, does anyone know how to fix this? (i searched
>>> on google but all the results were in another language :/
>> It's usually a matter of correctly setting your locale in the
>> environment.  For instance, writing Greek characters at the tcsh
>> prompt works fine here:
>> : $ env | grep LC
>> : LC_COLLATE=el_GR.ISO8859-7
>> : LC_CTYPE=el_GR.ISO8859-7
>> : $ env | grep LANG
>> : LANG=C
>> : $ tcsh
>> : giorgos at gothmog[16:15pm]/home/giorgos> [type some greek text; hit ^C]
>> : giorgos at gothmog[16:15pm]/home/giorgos> exit
> let me ask something else...
> do you know how to make "pine" write foreign characters?

I never had problems writing 8-bit text with Pine, but anyway...

Set your locale related environment correctly, and then edit your
~/.pinerc file.  There should be a line that sets `character-set' to
US-ASCII or similar.  Change that to the proper character set for your
terminals and you should be set to go.

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