Being root via ssl

хуерук anyher at
Fri May 2 02:41:51 PDT 2003

FS> What is the preferred way of doing this, and is it _really_ dangerous to 
FS> allow root login via ssl ?

   teoreticaly  its  much  more insecure , because ssh *realy* can be
   craced from the same segment of  network , but  if  you works  like
   a ordinar user  , and than do su root (or just su ) root password
   is transmiting  not in first bytes of  data - if  you works some
   time like ordinar user.

   only users  in group 0  can su to root  (by default) im think it's
   preferred to login  and  after is  su to root.
    Also its prefired because you can't do somthing  that will brake your system while
   you an ordinar user ,it not 'fantom menace' :) , specialy when your
   machine  is serving  some clients . You realy  dont need in a
   fullcontrol to read man pages , or using  ports collection (till moment  of
   'make  install' )

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