ftp.FreeBSD.org mirroring

Mike Hogsett hogsett at csl.sri.com
Thu May 1 17:53:33 PDT 2003

Several months ago someone pointed my to ports/net/cvsup-mirror to enable
mirroring locally for cvsup updates.  This works great and greatly speeds
up my updating of the 12 or so FreeBSD boxes I need to support.

I would like something similar so that I can perform network installs
locally as well.  Currently when I peform a network install I select the
primary site to ftp from.  I would prefer that I ran a local mirror for
this purpose instead.

Questions :

   What is/are the method/s that others use to accomplish this?

   What can I do to minimize my impact on FreeBSD.org's
   network resources?  To partially answer my own question
   I could mirror an extant mirror, but I would prefer not
   to be too many (mirror) hops away from the primary site.


 - Mike Hogsett

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