Remote upgrade

Ralph Kube rk at
Thu May 1 13:57:46 PDT 2003

Am 2003.05.01 22:40 schrieb(en) boxend at
> When doing a remote upgrade, what is the best way to force the process
> into the
> background, in case the dialup line for ssh session dies before
> buildworld finishes.
> Newbie question but I have not found a answer on google to kill my
> fears
> -- "Dovie'andi se Tovya Sagain"

I would recommend screen. When you start it it forks and goes into the
background. When you start it it gains control over you terminal and
keeps it. When you log out it keeps on running and also keeps your shell
session. So when you log in again you can reattach your old session
to your terminal.
Its also in the ports /usr/ports/misc/screen.
Ralph Kube

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