NATD error

Florian Schmidt flo at
Thu May 1 08:57:34 PDT 2003

On Thursday 01 May 2003 17:49, massey at wrote:
> Using FreeBSD 5.0, IPFW, NATD
> Ok I'll probably get roasted for this but while trying redirect a port,
> 9090, into an internal address from my Internet address I keep getting
> this error. I have seached and done what the authors and man pages
> suggested but it still won't work. Not giving up yet just looking for
> alittle push<g>
> Error
> natd: Unable to bind divert socket.: Address already in use
> Any hints would be great! On the happy side 5.0 has been working GREAT!!

The problem is, that you cannot pass options to an already running natd.
natd only cares about the options you pass to it on startup.

Try killing the running natd-process and then call natd with all options you 


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