Bill Moran wmoran at
Thu May 1 05:46:20 PDT 2003

Admin wrote:
> Good moning
> I do not know English language, but I have a problem with mother board
> -  MB Socket478 ASUS P4S8X SiS648 (ATX,3DDR,SB,LAN,U133,USB2.0).
> This board do not work with Unix FreeBSD ver 4.*. My sale call me what
> this mother board do not can work with Unix FreeBSD, but i do not
> believe. Please HELP ME.

First: Check this page to see if there is documentation/help available in
your native language:

Second: In order to help, we will need more information about the nature
of the failure.  Where does it fail?  What (exact) error message do you
get?  Are you installing from CD-ROM or over the 'net?  The more detailed,
the better.

Third: If you continue to use this list, post your message both in
English and in your native language.  (Put both in the same email)  That
way, if someone on the list speaks your native language, they can help
you better than the English-speakers (or even translate).

Fourth: Please use "reply all" when you reply so your response goes back
to the mailing list.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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