php, mod_php unifiable? Pear?

Joel Rees joel at
Mon Mar 31 21:43:08 PST 2003

First question: Does everyone keep mod_php4 and php4 as separate ports,
even when using both. I'm assuming, since the php.standalone (or
whatever it was) is there and contains it's own php.ini, that is the

Does anyone try to keep them together?

(I can see, since I want postgresql to talk to php for web apps and I
may not want that for the command-line php, that it might be reasonable
to keep them separate. But my first inclination is to keep them together.)

Second question: Does everyone just keep pear where it gets loaded
automatically under /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.2.3/pear and
/usr/ports/www/mod_php4/work/php-4.2.3/pear (or wherever those were)?

I'm asking these questions particularly in light of the go_pear script
preferring to load pear under /usr/local/share/pear, and expecting php
to be in /usr/local/share, as well.

Joel Rees <joel at>

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