Need help getting FreeBSD to run

taxman taxman at
Mon Mar 31 19:48:23 PST 2003

On Monday 31 March 2003 07:02 am, Mike Doyle wrote:
> I'm having a little problem with my ISP. They said they would lease me a
> new rack-mounted server and put FreeBSD on to it. However, they were unable
> to get it to recognize certain parts of the hardware (specifically getting
> errors on the network cards not being initialized correctly).

barring a more informed opinion, it seems that there is no support for that 
ethernet chipset on FreeBSD.  It is not listed on
My guess is that the rest of that hardware will run fine with FreeBSD, but 
unless you get the FreeBSD dmesg for us I wouldn't know.  They can get you 
the FreeBSD dmesg if they get the rescue floppy and use that after booting 
from the install disk.  Then they can save the dmesg to floppy or whatever.

beyond that, you'd need to either have them put new network cards in the 
server, or you'd have to port the linux driver, or pay to have it done.


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