Setting-up FreeBSD 4.6 on my computer !

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Mon Mar 31 19:00:15 PST 2003

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> Hello,
> I bought FreeBSD 4.6  OS which includes 4 discs  and FreeBSD Toolkit (March 2002) which includes 6 discs and 'The FreeBSD HANDBOOK' 2nd Edition [WindRiver] ; all of this from BSDmall website in Augest 2002 and they ship it to me in Saudi Arabia by UPS.
> I tried to install it on my computer , but always the configuration of XFree86 - X window system failed . I get the message ( ..... XFree86 configuraion seems to have failed .....);and I tried again these days [March 2003] , after about  7 months from first tries after giving-up and using again the ugly Windows 98,ME,2000,XP.
> It seems to be working ! but I saw problems or error messages like , your server is misconfigured or fatal server error after I type startx , I think I solve it by using "/stand/sysinstall" and then 'Do post installation', 'Configure XFree86' and I tried all the three methodes ; the graphical,the half graphical text,and the text mode. I choosed kde or K desktop environment and I tried startx ,it works fine but in 640x480 I think ,so in some windows I cannot see the buttons like Apply OK Cancel on the bottom of the window. I don't know how to setup Internet dial-up with conquror browser but I did wrote proxies for HTTP and FTP ,I read the help for KDE and Conquror but did not find what I want . I tried and tried to change the resolution but never succeded,I tried to use gnome (sawfish) to startx but never worked;I get Fatal server error messages after I Configure XFree86 by /stand/sysinstall as mentioned above; correctly and test XFree86 by typing  
> "XFree86 xf86config" and then get blue and black grid or some times (white or gray) and black grid and both withe X mouse cursor .
> So I thought it is better to reinstall,but never succeded in viewing KDE , I only get the picture in the bottom half of my screen and things like cursor , text , writing , windows look very big,so I tried to change the resolution because I think it is the problem but I get the same, I also tried xdm but it is just flashing or go between two modes (the text and trying to view the window of XFree86 : login & password ) I hope this is clear.
> And now I am stuck with windows{98SE,ME,2000,XP} so will you help me get rid of windows and have FreeBSD running on my mashine ??         I wish you will .
> My computer is 
> pentium 166 MHz with MMX and 128 MB of RAM,  20 GB hard disc, 40x TEAC CD-ROM ,and  48X-12X-40X TEAC CD-RW that is (48x read, 12x rewrite, 40x write),
> floppy drive, s3 I think VGA card [s3 trio32/64  and 2 MB memory written in windows OSs] , sound card I think it is 'crystal' but not sure , Motorola SM 56 modem , 15" CTX color monitor (I view 800x600 32bit color, 1024x768 16bit color)on windows .
> I hope this is enough info. about my mashine.
> I also tried to run FreeBSD 4.6 on my sister's mashine which is newer than mine but never never succeded in configuring XFree86 after testing it right ; I always get the message ( .... seems to have failed ...) as I mentioned before with my mashine. And also whenever type startx I got fatal server error (the EE is no driver or no monitor or screen ).
> Her computer is pentium3  866MHz , 128 MB RAM , VGA or SVGA card is some model of 's3' with 8 MB memory and 15" SAMSUNG SyncMaster 550s monitor.
> I know my message is long , but I don't know what to do .
> Thanks .     
>                Maher

I have been running KDE 3.0 on a Pentium 120, with only 48 MB of memory, 
for some time, and it works well, with adequate performance.  This is 
with an older version of FreeBSD (4.1), but that shouldn't make much 
difference.  Memory is important, but your 128 MB sounds as if it would 
be plenty.  Both your machine and your sister's ought to run FreeBSD well.

Getting the screen resolution right is important; 800*600 should be 
fine, and 1024*768 is even better if your monitor can manage it.  I 
would not bother with xdm until you can get it to work with startx, 
especially for a single-user personal machine. Your video card should be 

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