Disk filling up (was Re: Hell of a time, Cont'd)

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Mon Mar 31 15:23:04 PST 2003

John McClure wrote:
> Firstly, thanks for the help so far.
> My disk is an IBM 27G. The Disklabel config looks like
> this:
> Part     Mount          Size Newfs   Part
> ----     -----          ---- -----   ----
> ad0s1a   /            1024MB UFS1    Y
> ad0s1b   swap         1024MB SWAP
> ad0s1d   /var          256MB UFS1+S  Y
> ad0s1e   /tmp          256MB UFS1+S  Y
> ad0s1f   /usr        23545MB UFS1+S  Y
> Also, for the "f" partition I make sure that:
> newfs -f 2048 -b 16384
> As far as my installation specs go, I choose "All" to
> install everything, including source, which I want,
> and I choose the ports collection as well because it
> feels me with a sense of divine power, and I also
> actually use it.
> As you can see, my /usr mount should have plenty o'
> space.

What, exactly, was the error message again?

You may want to post hardware details as well, because it
might be an incompatible disk/controller.  The error
message is pretty important because it might not be
what you think it is.

Also ... didn't you say this was on 5.0?  If so, -CURRENT
may be a better list to post the question to, as this
might be a problem specific to -CURRENT.

> When I specify mount points manually I enter "/" or
> "/usr", not "mnt/usr".

During installation, the filesystems are mounted under
/mnt ... when installation is complete and you reboot,
they'll be /, /usr, /var, etc ...

> However, I've only, on most
> tries, been specifying the root partition and swap, so
> I can control those sizes, and letting the "Auto"
> config take over after that.
> Finally, when I create the initial slice, I allocate
> the whole space for freebsd, which I want, and I press
> "S" in order to ensure that it is bootable.

Sounds like you're on track ... could be a hardware problem?

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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