Hell of a time

dave dave at asylum.org
Mon Mar 31 14:17:06 PST 2003

At 04:30 PM 3/31/2003, you wrote:
>Somebody pleeeaaasse help.
>I've been trying to install 5.0-RELEASE on an old Dell
>600MHz P3. Sysinstall works fine, no issues there. No
>issues at all until I get the final "do-or-die"
>message and then whammo! There's a problem with
>Also, the root partition takes a very large amount of
>space. I've read the handbook, and also "Absolute BSD"
>and they both indicate that the root partition should
>take around 128MB of space. But my install won't take
>that at all. I'm choosing to install "All", source,
>executables, the whole shebang. But still, it doesn't
>seem that the 1G of space I'm allocating jives at all
>with the stated 128MB requirement? What's up with

What are the partition sizes allocated for freebsd?
such as:
ad0s1a     root      128
ad0s1b      swap    200
ad0s1e     var        50

(numbers may be different)

It sounds like you are filling up the 1gigabyte. The ports collection is
about 200megs itself (and worth every byte).

Try doing a minimal installation with only src code for the kernel. No ports/
Xwindows/other-src etc and see if that goes ok. You can always add other
things later thru the sysinstall menu. When partitioning (disklabel editor)
choose "A" autodefaults for all. If that works ok then you'll know it is
the 1 Gig size that is the problem


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