PHY drivers for Proliant ML370

Patrick O'Reilly bsd at
Mon Mar 31 12:00:40 PST 2003

Hi folks!

I have been asked to set up a server for mail and FTP for a customer.
The box they have supplied is a Proliant ML370 with dual CPU, SCSI RAID
et al.

The most recent installation CD I have is 4.6 (I keep my kit up to date
by cvsup).

The 4.6 CD installs OK, but it does not recognise the on-board PHYs....

Snooping around on the Board I have found to chips which appear to me to
be for the two PHY interfaces.

1) Broadcom BCM5703CKHB
2) Am79C874VC

In LINT (and GENERIC) I find references to BCM5700 and BCM5701, and also
to Am79C97x - close but no cigar  :(

I tried using a floppy to copy the driver code from my desktop which is
currently at 4.7 patch 7.  It compiled, but the kernel still fails to
recognise these chips.

So - finally - can anyone advise me on next steps?

Yours in eager anticipation   :)


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