Tiago Andre tiagoandre at
Mon Mar 31 09:05:11 PST 2003

   Hello there,

   iam not shure this is the place, but i have a problem

   I have a freebsd 4.7 Pc where i want to install the blind

   i already make the download of bind-9.2.2.tar.gz

   to a new directory

   and make: gunzip < bind-9.2.2.tar.gz | tar xvf -

   and make  (in the some directory)


    After it finish the install,it seems that nothing append!!?? (I try
   the comand i.e. rndc but it not found)

   Does blind is installed?? Is there a specific directory to install
   I thank you, for you time
   Tiago Camilo

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