CARTER Anthony a.carter at cordis.lu
Mon Mar 31 04:22:16 PST 2003

Unless of course you consider the following easier:

Click Start
Hover to All Programs
Click Windows Update
Wait for Internet Explorer to load.
Wait for page to load
Click Scan drive for all information pertaining to MS (and non apparently) 
Select the updates requires using multiple clicks.
Click review installs.
Click Install Now.
Wait for download.
Wait for installation and pray.
Click Reboot.

Now things could go 2 ways: OK or re-install from scratch...

Now, FreeBSD:

portupgrade -rRa
Press enter.
Wait until complete (ok, this is totally realistic, but this is our goal that 
we are aiming to achieve, is it not? You may need to resolve some minor 

Anthony Carter
Most, if not all, problems are caused by not reading the documentation, and I 
am as guilty as they come...:D

On Monday 31 March 2003 14:14, mj001 wrote:
> Gary D Kline wrote:
> > 	Folks,
> >
> > 	I find that the reason my newly build evolution just-hangs
> > 	is that it is looking for at least one library.  After
> > 	much hassling with the config windows I have evolution
> > 	working in my daughter's account on my RH platform.  (mutt
> > 	has been working for a few days, no prob.)
> >
> > 	Anyway, can anybdy give me the magic commands to get pkg_add -r
> > 	to work?  From now on, unless I really, really want to see the
> > 	src, a package installation is fine.  I'm running 4.7 here.
> >
> > 	thanks much,
> >
> > 	gary
> pkg_add -r evolution worked for me.  Doesn't get much easier than that!
> This was on FreeBSD 4.7.
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