something@ in /etc/login.conf

Zheyu Shen freebsd_deamon at
Mon Mar 31 03:53:24 PST 2003

hello list,

this weekend when i was editing /etc/login.conf i noticed a "@" behind a few of the sample entrys, e.g.:

	":requirehome@:\"	(line 102)
	":ignoretime@:\"	(line 131)
	":accounted@:\"		(line 158)
	":passwordtime@:\"	(line 248)
	":refreshtime@:\"	(line 249)
	":refreshperiode@:\"	(line 250)
	":sessiolimit@:\"	(line 251)

reading the corresponding man page i could not find out what it means or how it is used. it seems to substitute a whole lot of limit types ('size', time' ...).

Can please someone explain it to me?



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