FreeBSD in VMware?

james jamesp at
Mon Mar 31 02:13:48 PST 2003

Hi Folks

Does anyone have experience running FreeBSD under VMware? My host OS is WinXP 
SP1, running VMware 3.2.

I'm trying to buildworld (5.0-CURRENT as of today) but the virtual machine just 
gets slower and slower. When I'm monitoring the stats using top, I notice that 
the CPU is spending ~50% of it's time in interrupt. If I Ctrl-C the procedure, 
the load goes down, but interrupt % stays around 20-25% and the system is still 
slow, even though it's not doing anything!

FreeBSD 4.8-RC2 doesn't seem to have the same problem, I have successfully built 
world and it stayed responsive.

I have tried various things like disabling IDE DMA on the in the virtual
machine's BIOS to no effect.




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