switching IDE controllers

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1049488639.1fe3a5 at mired.org
Sun Mar 30 12:37:22 PST 2003

In <000701c2f6f5$17434460$0a00000a at noodlexp>, kirt <krs at gaultopia.org> typed:
> i've checked the handbook, man pages, web, etc. for info regarding
> this and i'm still not entirely sure as to how i should go about it.

Yes you are.

> i want to take ad4, which is where FreeBSD is installed and all of my
> main partitions are (/ , /var , /tmp , /usr , and the swap), and move
> it to the on-board controller.  the other 3 drives are nothing but
> data for samba shares.
> i've gathered that i will have to change the mount points in
> /etc/fstab to reflect the new drive location (ad0), but past that i
> am unsure as to what all needs to be done to have the machine boot
> correctly.

That should do it. You may have to tweak the BIOS boot settings so it
boots from the new ad0. I don't have the hardware you do, so I can't
check that.

While you're adding new drives, I'd recommend adding a second swap
partition. Letting the kernel interleave paging across two drives
improves paging performance. If you're not paging, it doesn't matter.

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