general email question

DJ Boris dj_boris at
Sun Mar 30 09:28:25 PST 2003

hi there,

I need help. I have done quite a bit of reading but it is all just beating
around the bush.. or maybe I am missing something.
I have one ISP POP3 account (maildrop) with 5 aliases. I need to collect all
mail onto the local fbsd server mail server and sort it according to the
"To:" field so LAN users can collect mail from that server. I also want
users to be able to send mail to the LAN mail server and then the server has
to relay that mail to the ISP's SMTP. all this has to be done over a Dial-up
the dial-up is up and running OK.

as far as I understand I need fetchmail, sendmail, procmail, and some mail
server. am I right? could someone point me to the right documentation or
examples on the internet OR if possible to explain to me what comes first
and how all the above components (fetchmail, sendmail, etc) come together
and possibly suggest what combination of software packages I should use.

thanx a lot

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John looks up and says - Where?

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