Spamassassin "tools"

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1049474823.fb561e at
Sun Mar 30 08:47:09 PST 2003

In <20030330111020.GK657 at>, Roman Neuhauser <neuhauser at> typed:
> # cls at / 2003-02-24 08:37:04 +0100:
> > I installed the spamassassin port, but I believe somewhere there should
> > be a tools directory for various utility programs. I can find no trace
> > of it ?
> > Anyone a clue ?
>     Have you had a look in the ports plist?
>     grep -v ^@ /var/db/pkg/<portname>/+CONTENTS

"pkg_info -L <portname>" does the same thing. Using zsh you even get
completikon of the portname against /var/db/pkg.

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