write failed, disk is full

W. Sierke ws at senet.com.au
Sun Mar 30 05:48:33 PST 2003

From: "Jason End" <bensnephew at yahoo.com>
> Installing 4.7 through ftp, I get a series of errors
> that say things like:
> / write failed. disk is full
> failed to create /usr/src disk is full
> The disk is new, and certainly isn't full, so I'm
> thinking it could be a problem of where I've place the
> partitions on the disk.
> The disk is a new 120Gb WD1200JB and the relevant
> partitions are as such (in this order):
> 10gb ntfs
> 3gb freebsd (/)
> 800mb freebsd (swap)
> 55gb freebsd (/usr)

I had a similar experience, albeit on a much smaller partition. Just to be
sure, check that you haven't run out of inodes somewhere (assuming you can
boot into a console):

df -i

I recently talked with someone on IRC who had just had a similar experience.
I'm wondering if there might be an "issue" here in that perhaps the default
block/fragment size being used during new installations is too small?


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