Help setting up a home network with FreeBSD

Alfonso Romero ibac at
Sat Mar 29 20:52:58 PST 2003

Ok, why don´t you first try using static IP addresses for your workstations,
and see if you can ping from them?

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Alfonso Romero <ibac at> wrote:

> Hi, Rod, I read your posting and have the same problem. But I´m using
> FreeBSD 4.7. I don´t know if there is too much difference between 5.0 and
> 4.7, but I also have tried all the things in the handbook and the FAQs.
> you using natd?
> Can you ping from your workstations?

from the workstation I can ping nothing. I've tried natd and allowing the
ppp_nat but neither has worked.

I think the problem is that dhcp isn't working for me but not sure.


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