3ware 3dmd management tool

Dominic Bishop dom at bishnet.net
Sat Mar 29 17:15:08 PST 2003

I have just attempted to install the 3dmd tool for use with my 7500-8
controller under FreeBSD-5.0-RELEASE-p4. 

I have managed to get the tool running fine however I am unable to set a
password. From what documentation I found the default password is
"3ware" and comparing the .conf file with the FreeBSD version against
the latest linux build (since this has more documentation etc) the key
in the .conf file does match the linux one which has this default
password. When attempting to change the password I just get a message
saying "Error: failed to set password" with no explanation as to why.
Does anyone know how to fix this since I really don't want 3dmd running
without password protection.

For reference I am using 3dm-bsd- with firmware version


Dominic Bishop

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