FreeBSD Installation Problems

John Murphy jfm at
Sat Mar 29 09:52:40 PST 2003

"Sukhbinder Singh" <sukhbinders at> wrote:

>I looked at vty3 (Alt - F3). I saw the screen saying "PPP Started" and "ppp
>on  foo" but this "ppp on foo" the ppp is not in capital letters it is in
>the lower case letters.

Then it is not connecting to your ISP for some reason.  Did you wait long
enough for the modem to dial etc.?  You should see something like the
following when the dial up and authentication has successfully completed.

Working in interactive mode 
Using interface: tun0 
Warning: No default entry found in config file. 
Phase: PPP Started (interactive mode). 
ppp ON foo> dial 
Phase: bundle: Establish 
Phase: deflink: closed -> opening 
Phase: deflink: Connected! 
Phase: deflink: opening -> dial 
ppp ON foo> Phase: deflink: dial -> carrier 
Phase: deflink: /dev/cuaa1: CD detected 
Phase: deflink: carrier -> login 
Phase: deflink: login -> lcp 
Phase: bundle: Authenticate 
Phase: deflink: his = PAP, mine = none 
Phase: Pap Output: YourUserName ******** 
Ppp ON foo> Phase: Pap Input: SUCCESS () 
Phase: deflink: lcp -> open 
Phase: bundle: Network 
PPp ON foo> 
PPP ON foo>

(notice how the Ps turn to capitals to show which stages have completed.)

Are there any lights on the modem or can you hear it dialing out?

> Then, I tried to set the server name to a different
>name as you indicated to set it to
>   however, I am unable to find
>the "other" option in the list of ftp sites to specifically key in this
>address. can you help here ?

It's the second option in the list:
URL                 Specify some other ftp site by URL

I'm sure it _was_ called 'other' :)

You shouldn't need to do that anyway as the ppp seems to be the problem.

You should continue to write to freebsd-questions as some other reader
may be able to spot exactly what the problem is.

Good luck

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