wanna have a freebsd partition on extended partition

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1049388573.c5506e at mired.org
Sat Mar 29 08:49:37 PST 2003

In <20030329141318.2136ae6f.freebsd-mailing-list at gmx.net>, Benjamin Groß <freebsd-mailing-list at gmx.net> typed:
> but every time - every, i try to compile openoffice from the ports
> (which needs up to 4gig space) my system crashes (FreeBSD 5-current - i
> know it's not stable...). so is there another way to use these 6 gig on
> the end of the extended partition, most likely with ufs/ufs2?

Unmount it, newfs it, and then mount it. The Freebsd disk tools handle
extended partitions just fine, with a couple of exception. You
shouldn't have problems with the exceptions for your application.

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