VERY annoying nmap problem.

jason jason at
Sat Mar 29 04:35:13 PST 2003

This has been going on since version 3.0 of nmap for freebsd..

su-2.05b# uname -a
FreeBSD 4.8-RC FreeBSD 4.8-RC #0: Mon Mar 10 16:54:44

su-2.05b# nmap -sU

Starting nmap V. 3.00 ( )
sendto in send_udp_raw: sendto(3, packet, 28, 0,, 16) =>
Permission denied
Sleeping 15 seconds then retrying
^Ccaught SIGINT signal, cleaning up

this is nmap installed from the ports. I have tried it from source and get
the same thing. regular port scans work though

su-2.05b# nmap

Starting nmap V. 3.00 ( )
Interesting ports on bush (
(The 1595 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
Port       State       Service
22/tcp     open        ssh
111/tcp    open        sunrpc
139/tcp    open        netbios-ssn
631/tcp    open        ipp
6000/tcp   open        X11
32771/tcp  open        sometimes-rpc5

Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 1 second

I emailed fydor a few times and got no help.
anyone have any ideas? This used to work fine before 3.0


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