KBurnCD is now available for testing.

Justin L. Boss justinboss at cox.net
Fri Mar 28 15:59:42 PST 2003

If your like me you may have wished that their was a good GUI front-end 
to FreeBSD's burncd command for ATAPI CD burners. I know reading this 
list, I have seen a lot of questions about this. Well it is now here. 
KBurnCD is a KDE front-end to the FreeBSD command burncd (a command line 
ATAPI CD burner command). Although there are several KDE cd-burning 
software, none work with FreeBSD’s burncd command. So I got a coding bud 
and went at it. I hope everyone likes it. I must worn you this is my 
first application and it went together in about a weeks time. So if you 
look at the code, well it is not the nicest code you will every see and 
have not had time to doc it yet. it is a http://kburncd.sourceforge.net/ 
I have also not had time to make a web page yet but under Images there 
is about 7 or so screen shots. I would like to thank sourceforge.net. I 
hope that me sending this to this list will not upset anyone and I hope 
this will encourage more people to use my favorite OS "FreeBSD". I hope 
that some day it will be in the ports collection.

list of current functions

cd copy (even multisession CD)
burn cd from iso images
make cd image frome cd (not quit working yet)
make audio cd from multi source etc. other-cd raw-file
track manager (you have to see it, can't explain it)
session viewer

hope to add

iso creator
mp3 encoder
and what people wont that i can do.

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