NameVirutalHost on multiple IPs not working??

Phillip Smith phillip.smith at
Fri Mar 28 13:56:44 PST 2003


I'm having a challenge with my Apache NameVirtualHost config... I have my
server connected to two networks, AT&T and UUNET, the NIC is assigned a AT&T
IP and is aliased which several others, both AT&T and UUNET. That part is
working well. When a client requests a site, our DNS returns two IP
addresses, one AT&T and one UUNET. (I don't want to discuss the quality of
this solution (grin), just why it's not working at the moment.) The idea is
that if one network is down, the person's web client should look for the
domain at the second IP (I know this isn't 'redundant,' but it's what i got)
Now, the VirtualHosts on AT&T are working fine. I have domains pointing to
219 and 220 (below) and Apache handles them perfectly. But, if AT&T goes
down, Apache only returns the 'default' VirtualHost on 107 and 108, not the
client's site.

Here's what I have in the relevant parts of httpd.conf

NameVirtualHost 123.456.789.219 (AT&T)
NameVirtualHost 123.456.789.220 (AT&T)
NameVirtualHost 123.456.789.107 (UUNET)
NameVirtualHost 123.456.789.108 (UUNET)

Then a standard directive would be

ServerAdmin me at
DocumentRoot /www/clientname
..yadda yadda 

FreeBSD 4.6 
Apache 1.2.x (11 i think)

Is there something that I'm missing?


P.S. Please cc me directly, as I'm temporarily not subscribed to the list.

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