Question about bounced mail

K Anderson freebsduser at
Fri Mar 28 11:23:25 PST 2003

Dragoncrest wrote:
> In my daily reports lately, since upgrading my sendmail version, I've 
> been getting reports like this:
> Checking for rejected mail hosts:
>  143
>  1
> Not to sound silly, but what does that mean?  Does it mean that it 
> rejected 143 messages from the one host and 1 from the other host?  
> Also, how can I get it to print a list of all of the rejected mail 
> addresses that I had put into my mail hosts file?  So like if I had 
> "loser at" in my access list and 27 of his messages got 
> rejected, how do I get that to appear in my reports?  Thanks for the info.
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It pretty much means that somebody was trying to use your system as a 
means of relaying email. You can verify this by grepping your sendmail 
log as well as zgrepping your sendmail.?.gz logs for the mentioned 
hosts. If anything comes up it might say Relaying denied. If not then 
you'll see other messages that give you a better clue.

UNLESS of course you actually sent 143 messages to and 
in that case your sendmail is misconfigured to not allow "relaying" 
from/to certain hosts.

Check your sendmail logs, that's how you can get more information as to 
what went wrong with an email.


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