Can't browse webmin; out of swap space

Tamir Halperin tamir at
Fri Mar 28 10:19:04 PST 2003

I just installed 1.070 from a freshly updated ports collection and there didn't seem to be any problem at all with the installation. I'm new to this so please put up with my simplistic perspective on the problem at hand.

I had no problem with the make, make install or the make clean. I then ran the as instructed and no error messages were produced. I did notice that the final note of the was to use the username and password I had previously used but this was the first installation on this box and I had never provided one in the past to a previous installation. Please help with this as well.

But the real reason for the email is this:

As instructed, I used my browser on another machine to go to https://host:10000 and was unsuccessful.

Here's what I found with a little poking around:

The used portion of the swap file continues to grow and grow, the size column in top on the host eventually hits 400+MB for the perl process, the console begins to spit out swap_pager_getswapspace: failed after a few minutes and the I get:

PID 247 (perl), uid 0, was killed: out of swap space.

Then Mozilla on the client computer tells me that the connection to the host has terminated unexpectedly.

Any suggestions from anyone?

Thanks so much in advance for everyone being there for newbies like us.


p.s. Is there a Webmin IRC channel or at least an IRC channel on which folks frequently discuss webmin?

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