FreeBSD can't find HD adapter Tekram dc-395

Roger Olofsson roger.olofsson at
Fri Mar 28 08:08:02 PST 2003


I have a problem with floppy installing FreeBSD5.0 (and 4.4, 4.5 ) using a 
Tekram dc-395 scsi adapter and one fujitsu 4Gb HD. What happens is that on 
boot the sysinstall starts and when I go to the disk partitioning it tells 
me 'no disk found'.

The Tekram adapter tools finds the HD fine and it is low level formatted 
and formatted.

I can install win95 on same HD.

The Tekram adapter is in the hardware compability list and the chipset is 

Please help!

Med vänlig hälsning

Roger Olofsson

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