SMP and adaptec 3960D problem.

Omer Faruk Sen freebsd at
Fri Mar 28 04:17:45 PST 2003


I have installed  FreeBSD  on a double Xeon 2.4 GHZ with HTT feature. 
Install and bootup went seamlessly but after enabling and compiling SMP 
support I have started to receive that error: 

ahc: Timedout SCB already complete. Interrupts may not be functioning 

this happened with both GENERIC kernel just SMP enabled. I have added
AHC_ALLOW_MEMIO  option to another kernel but I have received that error 
again. I have also disabled HTT on bios but again same error. 

My system is Compaq ML350 G3 with 2 2.4 ghz htt cpu 2gb ram and adaptec 
3960D scsi controller. 

Any help will be appreciated. Thanx in advance. 

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