Then i boot FreeBSD 4.7, not work values in /etc/sysctl.conf see file - sysctl.jpg. How solve this problem? ## help me ;/

Martin Karlsson mk-freebsd at
Thu Mar 27 18:33:37 PST 2003

* kinder2000 <kinder2000 at> [2003-03-28 11.24 +1000]:

> But i have questions about how to make kernel with my values? Not in
> /etc/sysctl.conf? 
> I compile kernel with:
> options IPFIREWALL
> values in sysctl is:
> net.inet.ip.fw.verbose: 1
> net.inet.ip.fw.verbose_limit:100
> But how i can enable in kernel this value?
> net.inet.tcp.syncookies: 1

I don't think you can, as I believe there is no such value. I'm afraid I
can't be of much help with this, but perhaps there are other options that
suit your needs? Check the file LINT which I believe you should have in
/usr/src/sys/i386/conf/ If not, you'll find it in the CVS repository,
which is browseable:


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