Ports installation, maxima

Akinori MUSHA knu at iDaemons.org
Thu Mar 27 18:08:22 PST 2003

At Thu, 27 Mar 2003 16:28:01 -0800,
kkenn wrote:
> Actually I think this port is indeed broken, because it seems that knu
> updated it without making the new distfiles available anywhere.

If you mean compat4x here, that's not true.  Don't blame me like that.
The distfiles were obviously there at the time the port was updated.

Since the snapshot servers delete old files by turns, we must update
them periodically.  Note that those compat ports are taken as kind of
"official", it must be done on our collective responsibility, not just
mine.  That's why I'm not listing myself as maintainer or I don't put
distfiles on my own local distfiles area.

However, if no one steps forward to do it for this time, I'll do it
later today if I have the time.  I've been and I am pretty busy at my
new job/office.

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