Freebsd - restarting itself?!

Siegbert Baude siegbert.baude at
Thu Mar 27 17:11:46 PST 2003

>If there was not a clean shutdown, I would start looking for faulty
>hardware, assuming the power was not interrupted.  Any machine that
>spontaniously reboots on its' own usually has a bad power supply, but it
>could be very well be the motherboard, or even something else.  Further,
>as many other people have said, just because the hardware is new does not
>necessarily mean it is problem-free.

Look especially for the condensators on the motherboard. There is a 
wide-spread problem with a Taiwanese company having produced bad 
electrolyte. The resulting condensators are found in motherboards of 
nearly all manufacturers and (as I can say out of my own experience) 
give exactly the behaviour, you described.


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