Sendmail quirk

Tuc tuc at
Thu Mar 27 15:13:57 PST 2003

> > Nothing earth shattering, right?
	Nope, never had one before. Prefer to do my delivery myself.
> Do you have a static IP address, or are you using a
> dynamic IP address?
	Yes. Depends where I am, what I'm doing. In this case my IP is
NAT at the firewall. I send dozens of emails every day, NEVER seen this

	I also have the same config on a server with a dedicated IP on the
public Internet at all time. Same problem there.
> What version of Sendmail are you running?
	8.12.8 on both.
> What is your IP address at the time of the message rejection?
> on the public one, and for the
NAT one. (My laptop is if it matters).

		Tuc/TTSG Internet Services, Inc.

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