Sony VAIO w/ Linksys card

Rodney Salomon rstunna1 at
Thu Mar 27 14:52:04 PST 2003

I'm trying to install FBSD on a Sony VAIO PCG-F350. I
have a Linksys
card in it. FBSD doesnt seem to recognize the Linksys
card during the
installation. Dont know why? Also, after installation,
I added
"pccard_enable..." to the /etc/rc.conf file.... now,
it does see the
card but, it see's it as ed1 device and it doesnt come
up till after
the boot is complete and im at a login prompt....
thats when it beeps
and it gives me a "ppcard started...." message, and I
have to hit
enter to get the login prompt back. Any help on this
situation would
be greatly appreciated.


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