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Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1049164301.97ce24 at
Thu Mar 27 02:31:43 PST 2003

In <000501c2f3f7$9642ff40$0200a8c0 at dellfromhell>, Karl Hammerschmidt <stuffynose at> typed:
> Sendmail times out when mailing to addresses outside my ISP.
> /var/log/maillog shows the mail received by localhost and then it times out
> sending to the domain of the recipient. It keeps trying to send
> intermittently. It goes fine if I send to an address that's hosted at my
> ISP.
> How could I diagnose the problem?

I'd try telnetting to port 25 on one of the domains that is
failing. I'd expect it to fail, as it smells like your ISP is blocking
port 25 at the perimeter. The workaround is to route mail through your
ISPs smtp server.

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