Ports installation, maxima

taxman taxman at acd.net
Wed Mar 26 22:00:39 PST 2003

On Wednesday 26 March 2003 02:15 pm, User &Otto Ernst Bernhardi wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for providing FreeBSD!!
> I downloaded the ports.tar.gz file from your site.
> While trying to install /usr/ports/math/Maxima from the ports collection, I
> get the following problem.
> Distfiles not up-to-date or missing? Or, more likely, did I do something
> wrong??

you need to update your ports tree to the latest.  The newest ports tree looks 
for new versions of the files and those are the only ones kept around on the 
ftp servers.  Read up on cvsup.  You'll find you'll want to cvsup your ports 
tree fairly often.  Once a week or so depending on your needs.



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