Athlon to XP woes

Gary Jennejohn garyj at
Wed Mar 26 20:51:44 PST 2003

jay desjardins writes:
> We have an  asus A7V133 that had a 1.2 and 256 megs or memory. It's
> happily running 4.7 stable. I wanted to put an athlon XP chip and 1 gig
> more memory. The first thing I did was update the bios and then
> installed the chip and memory. Then when starting it got core dumps all
> over (sendmail getty, ect.). Then I removed the memory and still got the
> dumps. After I replaced the chip (XP1700) with the 1.2 and all the dumps
> stopped.  When upgrading to a chip like that (athlon to XP) do I need to
> do something different to BSD so it will not flake out.

Did you also upgrade the CPU cooler? This sounds like overheating to me.

I've gone from a 1.2 MHz Athlon-C to a 1800+ XP w/o any problem, but I
bought a new cooler.

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