ssh and rsync without password

adrian kok adriankok2000 at
Wed Mar 26 19:24:13 PST 2003

Hi all

I have problem to configure rsync without password

I followed the following but didn't work

please tell me what is wrong.
Thank you

> Generate a key for yourself on the client machine
using ssh-keygen.
> Save it in the default location (~/.ssh/identity).
Use an empty
> passphrase. 
> This will create two files - ~/.ssh/identity, which
is your private
> key, and ~/.ssh/ - your public key.
>  Copy the public key to the remote machine, and
append it to the file
> ~/.ssh/authorized-keys (create the file if it
doesn't exist).
> Now you should be able to type:
> ssh remote-machine
> and connect without a password.

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